Workplace Happiness Report

Stand out as an employer of choice by becoming a recognised happy workplace.

Stop Relying On Guesswork!

Are you just guessing when it comes to maximising your staff wellbeing and engagement?

With our Workplace Happiness Report you'll unlock data-driven, powerful, and actionable insights on the culture and happiness within your workplace. By measuring 5 distinct fields of workplace happiness your report will ensure that you know exactly how to get the best outcomes for your staff, your leaders and your bottom line.

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Discover exactly how much insight you can gain into your staff wellbeing, engagement & workplace culture

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Comprehensive Analysis of the 5 Factors of Workplace Happiness

Gain detailed insights into the state of your staff wellbeing, staff engagement, staff burnout risk, leadership team capabilities, and overall company culture. The data behind these insights can even be segmented for further clarity. Ever wondered whether your team is more at risk of burnout at specific stages of their career? Curious about what your staff really think of your leadership team? Want to discover whether certain roles within your organisation are more engaged than others? Now you''ll know with certainty.

Personal Briefing Session

Once your report is complete you'll receive a 1 on 1 briefing session with one of our lead Happiness Consultants. In this 60 minute session you'll be guided through the findings and recommendations of your Workplace Happiness Report to ensure that you're clear on the best next steps for your team and your workplace as a whole.

Recommended Action Plans

Awareness and understanding are only half the battle when it comes to becoming a happy workplace of choice. The other half is taking the insights from your Workplace Happiness Report and putting them into practice. We make this step practical and effective to implement by developing a tailored series of action plans to solve your organisation's most pressing staff challenges. Action plans include a blend of leadership mentoring, provision of culture promoting resources, staff development workshops, and connections with industry-leading experts.


Discover how your workplace culture stands up against other organizations and industry averages. If you surpass the minimum benchmarks by outperforming your industry average in all 5 factors of workplace happiness you'll receive formal recognition and accreditation as a happy workplace.

Takeaways & Noteworthy Points

There is a LOT of data included in these reports. So before presenting the report our team dives into the data and pulls out anything worth noting. This includes highlighting significant differences between data segments, outliers, areas of the business that are strong, and areas that are outside the expected range.

Financial Implications

We know that at the end of the day any investment you make into your team needs to make financial sense and leave a positive mark on your bottom line. That's why we use industry-leading, evidence-based recommendations about the financial implications of not improving your workplace happiness compared to moving forward with a recommended action plan.

3 Steps to Culture Clarity...

First 2 Weeks
3rd Week
4th Week

Initiation & Data Gathering

Upon organising your company wellbeing report a private and unique access link will be set up for your team. This is the link that you will provide to your team so they can complete their anonymous survey and soft-skills review.


Once we receive a 50-80% completion rate we analyse the data to identify key strengths and growth opportunities that are tailored to your team.

Report Produced & Presented

Prior to receiving a copy of your report via email all key stakeholders will be invited to attend a 60 minute report debrief meeting with one of our lead Workplace Happiness Consultants. At the end of the report you will find tailored action plans that are designed to help improve your team's scores. These action plans may consist of BU programs, staff training workshops, services offered by our vetted 3rd party providers and/or actions that can be completely internally by your leadership team.

Your Investment Options...

Fundamentals Report

$1200 excl GST

  • 5 Factor Workplace Happiness Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Highlighting of Key Report Findings
  • Financial Implication Analysis
  • Recommended Action Plans
  • Personal Briefing Session

Insights Report

$1600 excl GST

  • 5 Factor Workplace Happiness Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Highlighting of Key Report Findings
  • Financial Implication Analysis
  • Recommended Action Plans
  • Personal Briefing Session
  • Enhanced Clarity with 3 Data Segmentations
    (eg independently test diffferent roles, length of employment, teams or locations)
Most Popular

Tier 3 - Comprehensive

$1900 excl GST

  • 5 Factor Workplace Happiness Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Highlighting of Key Report Findings
  • Financial Implication Analysis
  • Recommended Action Plans
  • Personal Briefing Session
  • Complete Clarity with 6 Data Segmentations
    (eg independently test different roles, length of employment, teams and locations)

Add ons:

Office Location Specific Reports: Development of reports that only include data relevant to each specific team can be complete for an additional $500/team.

Additional Data Segmentation: +$300/segment

Not sure how this fits into your budget? Double check below with our free Workplace Happiness Budget Calculator

Confirm that a Workplace Happiness Diagnostic Report will work with your budget by using gold-standard global recommendations for how much you should invest into your team, as well as what ROI you should expect from your investment.

Ready to become a Happy Workplace of Choice?

To ensure that you get the greatest value out of your investment we offer a complimentary initial scoping session to confirm which report would be the best fit for you and your team. Please choose a time that suits you best via the calendar below.