Workplace Happiness Consulting

Become a Workplace of Choice by investing into your team

We invite you to ask yourself;
"Is my workplace an employer of choice with a world-class culture and a happy,
high-performing team?"

If your answer isn't a whole-hearted YES, then we can change that by helping you to accurately measure, manage and improve the happiness of your workplace.

The Challenges that Modern Workplaces Face

Does it feel as though it's becoming harder than ever to attract, retain and develop great talent? Feel as though you're spending all your time putting out workplace fires instead of developing and upskilling your team? If so, you're not alone. Workplaces globally are struggling to create thriving, high-performance, and happy cultures because they're making 3 major mistakes.

How many of these mistakes is your workplace currently making?

Unskilled Managers

In Australia, approximately 50% of managers and leaders report a crisis of confidence in their ability to perform their role. When was the last time you invested in developing your management and leadership team?

Over-Reliance on Policies

Treating your staff wellbeing and development as just another box to tick with an outdated list of policies is a surefire way to shoot your culture in the foot.

Gambling on Guesswork

Most organisations aren't even measuring their workplace wellbeing, engagement or culture. As a result, they're flying blind and wasting money on plans that don't solve their staff challenges.

Benefits of Improving Your Workplace Happiness

Improved Productivity

Happier employees are far more productive. On average a happy employee is 22-31% more productive than an unhappy one.

Happier Clients

This should be a no-brainer. Happiness has a ripple effect. Happier staff = happier clients = more repeat business

Physical Health

Happiness at work has a direct impact on the well-being of your team. Happy employees take 1/10th of the amount of sick days as unhappy colleagues.

More Revenue

Happier employees generate more revenue. Turns out it does pay to be happy; in fact, it pays an average of 37% more sales if your team is happy.

Employer of Choice

Happier workplaces attract higher-quality talent for a fraction of their usual price. They also retain this talent for far longer than their competitors.

Drive Innovation

Happier employees help innovate & create the company's future. Happier teams are empowered to take more strategic risks and disrupt business as usual

Outperform Competitors

The top 100 happiest workplaces in the US saw their stock price rise by 14% compared to the average of 6%. This means happier workplaces grow at double the rate of their competition

Solution Oriented

This means employees focus on fixing problems instead of just raising complaints. Happier people are solution-oriented and are able to fix issues rather than just identify them.

Fewer mistakes

Make fewer mistakes, and learn from them quicker. Some studies show that happy employees make 19% fewer mistakes than unhappy employees.

On average we provide an ROI of
$3 for every $1 you invest into your workplace happiness

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How To Become A Happy Workplace


Step #1

Explore Your Workplace Happiness

Book a FREE 20-30 minute initial scoping session with our Founder Declan Edwards. In the session we will have the chance to connect, assess the current situation of your workplace and determine whether we are the right fit to help you improve your workplace happiness.


Step #2

Measure Your Workplace Happiness

Stop relying on guesswork and hope when it comes to maximising your staff wellbeing and engagement. Get data-driven, powerful and actionable insights with a Workplace Happiness Report. By measuring 5 distinct fields of workplace happiness your report will ensure that you know exactly how to get the best outcomes for your staff, your leaders and your bottom line.


Step #3

Grow Your Workplace Happiness

This is where change happens. Get the most out of your staff development budget by partnering with a qualified and experienced Workplace Happiness Consultant to deliver staff training workshops, leadership mentoring, culture development resources, and HR support. This is the most valuable and important step towards becoming formally recognised as a happy workplace and an employer of choice.


Step #4

Formal Accreditation as a Happy Workplace

Once you pass the minimum benchmarks in each of the 5 domains for workplace happiness you will be accredited as a Happy Workplace. Not only does this recognise the fantastic work of your team, and allow you to stand out from the crowd, it also positions you to attract and retain the best talent in your industry.


Ann Tomlinson - Founder AT Consultancy Group

"We would highly recommend BU to any company that wants to elevate their team and culture. We were captivated by their experience and ability to provide simple yet highly effective tools to implement into daily life and to increase the emotional wellbeing of our team”


James Tanner - Founder of Tanner Consulting Co, VP of Operations

"Working with BU is one of the single best investments an organization can make. The impact it will have on its people, its leaders, and the culture are nothing short of amazing."


Beau Wills - Board Member of Network of Community Activities

"The BU team's knowledge and inspiring approach has transformed the way that we manage our workplace. They speak frankly, helps to face issues head-on, and sheds light on ways to change that we’d never considered. We’re looking forward to having the BU teamwork with our whole service and can’t wait to see the impact they have on our delivery."


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