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Free online masterclass for HR Professionals and people who want to learn

The 5 steps needed to become a highly engaging, healthy, and peak performing workplace of choice.

The Great Resignation is here...


of people are currently burnt out or on the verge of burnout


of employees are actively considering leaving their job


of employees are engaged in their work and performing at their best

What are you doing as an employer to change this story?

During this masterclass, we will be revealing exactly how to overcome the challenges that the great resignation presents:


The Changing Nature of Work
How workplaces are changing and why you’ll be left behind if you’re not proactive.

The Outcomes of Workplace Happiness
Why happiness at work isn’t a fluffy concept, and how it can benefit your team.

Happiness Ambassadors
Who should lead workplace happiness in your organisation, and why aren’t they doing so already?

About Workplace Happiness Consulting
What is it? How does it help? And what’s the ROI?

The 5 Steps to a Happier Workplace
An actionable, step by step, process to becoming a happy workplace & an employer of choice

About Your Presenter

Declan Edwards is a happiness researcher, published author, and the Founder of the BU Happiness College - an organisation that is growing global happiness by empowering individuals and workplaces with the tools and the team to thrive.

Since 2017, Declan has consulted for workplaces throughout Australia, as well as in the US.His keynotes, workshops, and staff development sessions hold a core focus is on helping businesses to measure, understand, and improve their workplace culture.

This is because he believes that happy, thriving, workplaces not only outperform their competition - they also spread a positive ripple effect to their staff, and the communities around them.

It is this ripple effect that helps drive Declan's vision of growing global happiness.

The question now is; Are you ready to become an employer of choice and make your positive ripple effect?

Declan's Experience:

  • Bachelor of Health, University of Newcastle
  • Post Grad Certificate in Positive Psychology, Central Queensland University
  • Practitioner Certification in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT Mindfully Institute
  • Practioner Certification in NeuroLinguistic Programming, The Coaching Room
  • Practioner Certification in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR Australia
  • Facilitation of over 10, 000 happiness coaching sessions, guest talks, and workplace happiness consulting sessions.

CEO and Founder of BU Happiness College,
Declan Edwards.

Recognised among the top 16 Coaches in Australia 2018

Winner of the Social Enterprise of the Year 2020

Finalist for Business Leader of the Year 2021

Finalist for Kindest Leader of the Year 2022


"Working with Declan Edwards is one of the single best investments an organization can make. The impact it will have on its people, its leaders, and the culture are nothing short of amazing."

- James Tanner, VP of Operations; Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers of Texas

"Declan’s knowledge and inspiring approach has transformed the way that we manage our workplace. He speaks frankly, helps to face issues head-on, and sheds light on ways to change that we’d never considered. We’re looking forward to having Declan and the BU team work with our whole service and can’t wait to see the impact they have on our delivery."

- Beau Wills, Board Member for the Network of Community Activities

"Declan offers practical, down-to-earth material that is a relevant and implementable.  He directs questions and activities to guide self-exploration, self-understanding and always finishes with some simple takeaways to work on immediately."

- Pam C, Lake Macquarie Newcastle OOSH